So something happened… and I feel crack inside of me… through which perhaps a ray of reality may come in…

Our project manager, a girl roughly your age, last week – while our boss was on holidays, held a team meeting in which she spoke very negatively to and about us, for no reason at all but to impose some kind of ‘power’ through negative reinforcement.

I never liked bullies, and was genuinely surprised to see this coming from her.

I told you this and voila, you took ‘her side’, saying you would do the same cause people are lazy bastards.

really? Wow.

I do not need this in my life. Seriously, if I work hard and love what I do, I do not need a bully to spoil it for me, and I am little angry on myself that I did not react then and there, cause I was I suppose shocked by what came out of her mouth.

If it ever happens again, and chances are it will, I will surely not be the one to stay silent.

Anyway, if you would do the same, it may mean only that you are a bully too, in some part of you.

And you know what?

i have no respect whatsoever for bullies. For me they are the worst of the worst.

I have been a project manager and team leader for 7 years while I was working as an architect. I would never allow myself such behaviour, and if I think someone in a team does not work well I would address that person directly, not over the shoulders of others who did not deserve that at all.


So now, I really feel like this is the first time in almost a year, where I feel somewhat repelled by you. Which may be a good thing?

I don’t know.

Time will tell.

In a meanwhile I will research to find out how to address this what happened – with her, and possibly with our boss who returned few days ago. Cause for sure, that was way out of line.